Harvest Vegetarian Cooking Classes

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Hi everyone, I thought I would bring you all up to date with the dates for the next block of cooking classes at Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant with Chef Adam de Ath.

Harvest Vegetarian - Mango & PIneapple Cake

Due to the “silly season” almost being upon us, all classes have been scheduled for Sundays, commencing on October 21st. There are still positions available in most classes, however, it is best to check the website as it’s updated after each booking confirmation and deposit.

Keep in mind that a Harvest Vegetarian Cooking Class would make a fantastic Christmas present when you have no idea of what to buy for the person that has everything … and we can schedule the class next year when it best suits you.




New Mobile Friendly Website

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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I put fingers to keyboard but we have been very busy working away on some exciting projects.

Firstly, we now have two fully functional websites. You were already aware of our new site at www.harvestvegetarianrestaurant.com. In addition, we now have a mobile friendly website that can be accessed at www.harvestvegetarianrestaurant.mobi.

This is perfect if you would like to book a table while you are on the go or feel the need to call or email us.

The reason I’ve mentioned all of the above is that the mobile website has easy to use one touch buttons for all of these actions.

There is also some experimentation happening as we work to fine tune some tasty new summer recipies, so watch this space.

Love Life, Love Cooking.

Chef Adam

New website … HarvestVegetarianRestaurant.com

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Well I am just so proud of our new web site, designed and built by Mark Barnes from www.FuturisticApps.mobi  and with a little input from me.

Mark and I work at TAFE together. Mark is also a Hospitality Teacher, as well as a whizz on web design and mobile applications.  Mark has produced a brilliant website with all links and embedded videos, logo branding, QR codes, enquirer forms and much more, they all work.

I am very impressed with his design and functionality. I can’t thank him enough, I was lucky enough to sit in on a lot of the design procedure, OMG (Oh My God) what a lengthy process, give me 6 hours on Puff pastry any  day.

Go check out our site www.harvestvegetarianrestaurant.com play around, watch a video clip, make a booking on line and check out Marks site, you can even create your own QR codes, for free! at his site … www.FuturisticApps.mobi … very cool!!

Love Life, Love Cooking.

Chef Adam