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Well I am just so proud of our new web site, designed and built by Mark Barnes from  and with a little input from me.

Mark and I work at TAFE together. Mark is also a Hospitality Teacher, as well as a whizz on web design and mobile applications.  Mark has produced a brilliant website with all links and embedded videos, logo branding, QR codes, enquirer forms and much more, they all work.

I am very impressed with his design and functionality. I can’t thank him enough, I was lucky enough to sit in on a lot of the design procedure, OMG (Oh My God) what a lengthy process, give me 6 hours on Puff pastry any  day.

Go check out our site play around, watch a video clip, make a booking on line and check out Marks site, you can even create your own QR codes, for free! at his site … … very cool!!

Love Life, Love Cooking.

Chef Adam


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